Sunday, 16 December 2012

This blog hasn't gone as well as I'd have liked.

In fact, I've neglected all the blogs I write.  But this one in particular.  It wasn't a good year to start out on the path of home grown and so on. The poly tunnel only half went up.  I have a nice sturdy frame, but no cover, and the plot it stands in is now covered in grass and nettles and other rememberances of a wet and lousy summer which saw everything I tried to grow eaten by slugs, but the plot gradually succumb to 4ft high nettles and brambles almost everywhere.

I have had some success, in that it is now nearly two months since I last visited Tesco.  By and large, I have discovered various places I like to shop; Sergeants butchers and the nearby farm shop at Stowbridge, together with the pet food place, form the bulk of my weekly shop.  I use several other butchers and farm shops but those ones seem the best to me.  I also visit Boots and Savers in Downham, for other bits and pieces, and very occassionally I will visit Waitrose.  The latter is a compromise I can live with.  By and large, though, I am eating and spending locally.

Still no dairy, though, but I think I might have some options there - more research needed.

After the new year, I am back to being a potter again, for as long as I can hold out.  This means economising, but should give me some time to fix up for growing come the spring, hopefully.  We'll see.

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