Sunday, 16 December 2012

This blog hasn't gone as well as I'd have liked.

In fact, I've neglected all the blogs I write.  But this one in particular.  It wasn't a good year to start out on the path of home grown and so on. The poly tunnel only half went up.  I have a nice sturdy frame, but no cover, and the plot it stands in is now covered in grass and nettles and other rememberances of a wet and lousy summer which saw everything I tried to grow eaten by slugs, but the plot gradually succumb to 4ft high nettles and brambles almost everywhere.

I have had some success, in that it is now nearly two months since I last visited Tesco.  By and large, I have discovered various places I like to shop; Sergeants butchers and the nearby farm shop at Stowbridge, together with the pet food place, form the bulk of my weekly shop.  I use several other butchers and farm shops but those ones seem the best to me.  I also visit Boots and Savers in Downham, for other bits and pieces, and very occassionally I will visit Waitrose.  The latter is a compromise I can live with.  By and large, though, I am eating and spending locally.

Still no dairy, though, but I think I might have some options there - more research needed.

After the new year, I am back to being a potter again, for as long as I can hold out.  This means economising, but should give me some time to fix up for growing come the spring, hopefully.  We'll see.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Checking in.

Not been that good at keeping this up to date, mainly because there hasn't been much to say really.

Progress so far is slow slow slow.  I have started clearing the space for the polytunnel but it's now covered in snow and ice and so it isn't clear when I'll get it done.  I have ordered a load of wood for raised beds behind the house and in the tunnel itself.  I've gone for 2nds decking timber - pressure treated soft wood boards 6 inches in width - if I double those up I'll get 12 inches in depth, which, when filled with soil should suppress any grass and weeds under neath.  That's the idea anyway - no dig.

I've made some progress on purchasing food.  On a Saturday I now make a trip to Downham, to visit the Downham Co-operative stall in the market place and visit one of the local butchers to buy meat.  Yesterday I also went to Denver Windmill for oats, flour and bread.  I waited 8 minutes for the most wonderful bread fresh out of the oven.

I haven't done so well in other areas.  Finding a non-supermarket source of dairy is a problem.  Dents garden centre on the A10 stock dairy but it seems to be mass-produced stuff, not local.  I guess I'd rather give them the money than Mr Tesco though.  Same goes for stuff like cat-food, toothpaste and toilet roll - costs a bit more, but I am sure I'm saving buying veg and meat in Downham - I never seem to send as much as I would in the supermarket.

The other thing is getting stuff during the week.  I usually leave work about 6pm, and often the only option is to stop at Tesco in Ely.  If I were more organised then I could make sure I had food in, but anyone who knows me knows that's unlikely to change.  Still, it might be easier during the summer, when the sun comes up earlier and sets later.

Well, anyway, that's all for now.